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Monster to launch Monster Nitrous with added Nitrous Oxide!


Monster Energy – the volume leader in the energy drink category – is launching a new, innovative product called Nitrous Monster. Nitrous Monster is the first and only energy drink to feature nitrous oxide gas technology. The revolutionary new drink boasts a rich creamy texture and a smooth drinkable flavor. Nitrous Monster is packaged in the re-sealable 12 oz. Rexam SLEEK(TM) Cap Can with closure technology from Dayton Systems Group (DSG).


Nitrous Monster is available in three varieties: Killer-B, Super Dry and Anti-Gravity. Killer-B contains honey and provides the drinker with a mega-shot of B vitamins as well as an exotic dose of bee pollen and royal jelly. Super Dry offers a lighter, dry texture similar to fine Champagne. Anti-Gravity is so potent that drinkers will feel like they can defy gravity.

For this important launch, Monster enlisted longtime partner Rexam to develop a perfect, purpose-built package. Nitrous Monster is the first brand to utilize the new 12 oz. SLEEK version of the innovative Rexam Cap Can.

“To communicate our Nitrous Monster product was unlike anything people had ever experienced before, we needed an equally innovative package which would attract consumer attention,” said Mark Hall, president, Monster Beverage Company. “The Rexam SLEEK can met this need, allowing us to deliver our ‘nitrous’ product in a package which is portable, re-sealable, recyclable and really stands out on the retail shelves.”

Available exclusively through Rexam, the new 12 oz. SLEEK Cap Can is made possible by combining Rexam’s 12 oz. SLEEK can body with Cap Can closure technology. The aluminum can body is produced and printed on one of Rexam’s high-speed can manufacturing lines and then transformed into a re-sealable container by seaming on a Cap Can end and closure developed by DSG. Located in Miamisburg, Ohio, DSG developed this patented concept, including the forming process and equipment technology to manufacture the Cap Can closure assembly.

“We worked closely with the Monster team to understand how we could help them meet their goal of differentiating this new beverage brand,” said Andre Balbi, president and CEO, Rexam Beverage Can Americas. “Our new 12 oz. SLEEK Cap Can was the perfect fit, providing re-sealability, portability and consumer value.”

Monster also worked with Rexam’s Graphic Art and Printing Plate Operation in Elk Grove, IL, to set the color and graphic tolerances for perfect brand reproduction on the 12 oz. SLEEK Cap Can. Rexam has the only company-owned, integrated graphic art and printing plate operation, complete with a manufacturing pilot line, to set these standards, confidentially with customers, before mass production.

About Monster:

Monster Energy supports the scene. Be it Supercross, Warped Tour, off-road, FMX, rally, insane distance jumping, surf, skate, snow, BMX, wake, MotoGP – name it – seems athletes and bands are rockin’ Monster Energy more than anything these days. Check out the types – Original Monster Energy, Lo-Carb Monster, Monster Assault, Monster’s fruit juice hybrids dubbed Monster Khaos, Monster M-80 and Monster MIXXD, the ground-breaking Java Monster and X-Presso Monster premium coffee & cream drink line supercharged with Monster Energy’s blend, 3 oz. Monster Hitman Energy Shooters, Monster Import, and the new nitrous oxide injected Nitrous Monster. For more information log on to:

About Rexam:

Rexam’s vision is to be the leading global consumer packaging company. We are the leading global beverage can maker, and a major global player in rigid plastic packaging. We are business partners to some of the world’s most famous and successful consumer brands as well as young, entrepreneurial start-ups. We offer a broad range of packaging services and solutions for different industries, using different materials and technologies. Three things characterize us – leadership in our industry, our commitment to innovation and our passion to deliver exceptional value. Rexam’s sales from ongoing operations are approximately 3.6 billion pounds sterling. We employ some 22,300 people in more than 20 countries and are a member of the FTSE 100. Rexam’s ordinary shares are listed with the UK Listing Authority and trade on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol REX. For further information, visit Rexam’s website at

Source: Rexam

CONTACT: Geoff Bremmer of Monster Energy, +1-951-739-6476; or Greg
Brooke of Rexam, +1-773-399-3362

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