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North America: Security Director


Corporate Security sits within the Group Legal function and the Director of Corporate Security reports directly to the General Counsel, Tim Proctor, a member of the Diageo Executive Board. Corporate Security’s mission is to protect Diageo’s people, assets, brands and future growth through setting policies and standards and monitoring their implementation, by providing decision makers with forward looking security reports and by providing expert guidance and services, including investigations, to the businesses. This is a new position within the North American (NA) Region and is responsible for focusing, driving and supporting a proactive security function for the NA Region.  Response outside the NA Region may be necessary, especially within Latin America and the Caribbean to assist with significant security issues. ·

The Hub The extensive geographic scope of the NA Region includes the whole of the United States and Canada.  Although only covering two countries, it includes a diverse range of businesses and assets including numerous wineries, distilleries, maturation warehousing, distribution centres and administrative centres including the regional headquarters in Norwalk, Connecticut and the Brand Technical Centre in Plainfield, Illinois ·The vast distances involved in covering this geographical expanse together with the linguistic variety (Spanish, French, English, etc…) provide additional challenges.

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Thursday, December 14, 3:04 pm

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