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Batemans follows Everards in micro-brewer trial

Lincolnshire brewer and retailer Bateman is to follow the lead of Leicestershire firm Everards and trial a partnership with a local micro-brewer at one of its tenanted pubs.

Everards launched Project William a few years ago, a scheme that allows micro-brewers to sell their own cask beer at Everards pubs outside of the company’s heartland.

The scheme has proved to be a big success with micro-brewers such as Stoke’s Titanic Brewery proving to be high quality tenants who are able to earn better-than-normal margin by selling their own beers – Everards asks for a degree of presence on the bar.

manreadingNow Bateman’s is to trial a similar scheme at its Leopold pub in Norwich. Bateman profit partnership director Rob Joes said: “This is not a new idea from us – we know some of the micro-brewers that have worked with Everards and visited their pubs.

“It’s arguable that our brands don’t have quite the same credibility in Norwich as they have in Lincolnshire so why not team-up with a local micro-brewer and give them the flexibility and platform they need to sell their beers.”

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Friday, November 24, 10:28 pm

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