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Boston Beer Company Release Barrel Room Collection


Boston Beer Company is poised to step up its game again with a new collection of beers geared toward the savvy beer drinker. The largest independent U.S. brewery released the Imperial Series in 22 oz. bombers beginning last February. Now, the brewery will release three beers in 750 mL champagne bottles as part of a new series dubbed the “Samuel Adams Barrel Room Collection.”

Each beer shares the common characteristic of having been aged in oak barrels. First, let’s look at Samuel Adams American Kriek, a beer aged on “sweet yet tart” Balaton cherries. According to the Michigan State University Department of Horticulture, “this dark-skinned European morello-type cherry was first introduced into the United States in 1984 by Dr. Amy Iezzoni, Professor of Horticulture at MSU […] The BalatonĀ® cherry has a dark burgundy color throughout with a robust sweet-tart taste.” 7% ABV.

Samuel Adams New World Tripel sports a green label which reads, “golden in color with notes of spice and tropical fruit.” The ABV on this one is much higher at 10%. Then there’s Samuel Adams Stony Brook Red: “Belgian style with a hint of tart fruit and toasted oak character.” 9% ABV. There is both a square and a reservation named “Stony Brook” in Boston’s southside-area known as Jamaica Plain where the brewery is located.

With the Beer Advocate Belgian Beer Fest right around the corner on October 16th-17th and taking place in BBC’s backyard, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an announcement made around that time or if these are on-hand for sampling.

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Monday, January 22, 4:05 am

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