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Britvic squeezes weight from J20 bottles to cut glass use

j20-soft-drinkBritvic has cut the amount of glass used in its J2O juice drink to slash packaging and energy use as part of its corporate responsibility strategy.

The lightweighting initiative means that Britvic’s 275ml J2O is 20g lighter than before, down from 200g to 180g. The company said that the weight reduction programme will save about 4,000 tonnes of glass per year, the equivalent of 20m bottles at current production levels.

Britvic added that the new bottle design had also led to improvements in filling-line efficiencies because the bottle had been reduced in height by 5mm; and the firm estimated energy savings of 10% due to less glass used during the blowing process.

Apart from the reduction in height, the company said that the lightweighting had led to “no visible change to the J2O bottle” and that its durability and strength were not affected.

The drinks company had already reduced the weight of its J2O bottles. In 2004, it cut the weight of each 275ml bottle by 26g, leading to an overall weight loss of 5,000 per year.

John Gibney, Britvic’s finance director, said the company remained “focused on further packaging reductions as well as energy, fuel and water usage reductions across all Britvic brands and at all our manufacturing sites”.

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Friday, November 24, 4:52 pm

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