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Canada: Planning – Execution Assistant


Within a pre-defined territory and under the supervision of the Planning & Manager & Assistant Manager, is primarily responsible for optimizing the conduct of on-premise promotions and events. In the capacity of facilitator, he or she is also responsible for promoting our priority brands in the network and with young adult consumers.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Deliver promotional kits and install decorations where applicable

2. Meet with bar personnel as well as managers/owners, as the case may be, to ensure the proper launch of promotions.

3. Verify, from time to time, promotion execution by bar personnel and effect adjustments as required.

4. Be in attendance for drawing of major prizes.

5. Coordinate activities of ‘Ambassadors’ or ‘Boosters’, if any, under one’s responsibility.

6. Systematically survey young adults.

7. Involve oneself personally with groups of young people in one’s community. Support various activities likely to spearhead the consumption of beer.

8. Be in attendance in bars for important evening events sponsored by Molson or initiated by customers themselves.

9. Assist in coordinating the execution of launch plans for promotions and new products.

10. Assist Sales with a view to ensuring enhanced execution.

11. Conduct quality checks.

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