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Gopalan Nair continues to criticize Singapore judge Belinda Ang

manreadingHe was jailed three months last year for using “abusive” language against a lady judge in Singapore, but it appeared that Gopalan Nair had not learnt his lesson yet.

In his latest post on his blog – The Singapore Dissident, Nair continues to criticize his nemesis Belinda Ang for a case which she presided over recently.

The case involved four foreign banks suing the Asia Pacific Breweries for a sum of $100 million lent to it which was embezzled by its Finance Manager Chia Teck Leng.

Judge Belinda ruled in favor of Asia Pacific Breweries. Her verdict was strongly disputed by Nair.

He wrote:

“Belinda’s judgement in this case is very long, 110 pages to be exact. But there is no need to read it all. The first few facts would be good enough to tell anyone that the banks should have won, not Asia Pacific Brewers (Singapore). Chia Teck Leng was the Finance Manager lawfully employed by the Asia Breweries. ……the Company’s documents acknowledged that he was the Finance Manager. …These four banks had no way of knowing that Chia was dishonest. And as expected of any bank, they took the normal precautions of ensuring that the company passed resolutions for each loan, that the articles and memorandum indicated he was still the Finance Manager and other routine documents for security. From the entire judgement, there is nothing to indicate that these banks had acted in any way improper or negligent….Even a boy can tell you this. Asia Breweries was entirely responsible for their actions of its Finance Manager.”

Nair also insinuated that Asian Breweries won the case because it is partly owned by Fraser and Neave, one of whose directors is Mr Lee Hsien Yang, a son of MM Lee without substantiating his claims.

Nair is fast becoming a thorn in the flesh of the Singapore judiciary as well as the government. A week ago, the Law Society submitted an application to the Chief Judge to have Nair punished for professional “misconduct” unfitting of a lawyer.

Though Nair is no longer a Singapore citizen and wields no influence among Singaporeans, his online vitriol is becoming a constant source of embarrassment to the Singapore government who has run out of ideas to deal with him.

Had Nair remained in Singapore, he will surely be jailed for his outrageous remarks made on his blog.

Acting Minister for Information, Communication and Arts Lui Tuck Yew lamented lately that articles posted by bloggers are “far from reality on the ground”. Gopalan Nair must be not far away from his thoughts.

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Monday, January 22, 6:06 pm

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