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Lethal vodka’ seized by Customs

manreadingPure alcohol, valued at more than half a million euro, disguised as car-wash fluid and destined for the black market, has been seized in Dublin Port.

The potentially lethal liquid, thought to have been distilled in Bulgaria, could have made up to 20,000 litres of counterfeit vodka.

Customs officers who recovered the illegal load warned yesterday it could do serious harm in the wrong hands.

“In addition to the potential loss of revenue and the threat to legitimate trade, this product could have posed a serious health risk to the consumer because of unknown quality control in the manufacturing process,” a spokesman said. Customs officers seized the €570,000 haul from a container on a ferry from Holyhead.

The 4,000 litres of almost 100pc pure alcohol had been packed in 800 five-litre drums and falsely described as “car wash”.

It is understood the illegal drink was intended to be sold to pubs and market traders.

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Monday, December 11, 7:37 am

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