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Washington: Winemaker


Responsible for production of super premium and premium brand wines.  Ensure wines are made in the most innovative and profitable manner meeting consumers and customers needs.  Assist with development of new brands.  Responsible for the total wine making process and quality assurance to include wine blends, storage and stabilization.

Financial Responsibility
oResponsibility for processing bulk wine inventory of up to $3M

oResponsible for an annual Operating budget of $1.5M

oResponsible for support of a $2M annual sales business on 50,000 cases volume

Complexity of Role
Must have broad knowledge of and experience with winemaking techniques and all federal and state regulations relating to wine production.  Must be able to periodically interact with press and trade representing the brand as a company spokesperson.

·DC&E executives

  • Winemaking staff
  • Cellar Supervisor/Foreman
  • Laboratory
  • Winegrowing Field Representatives
  • Sales personnel
  • Trade and Press
  • Marketing personnel
  • BATF/Compliance
  • Finance

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