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Barcardi Launches Limited Edition Rum


Bacardi Superior Rum, the world’s first premium aged white rum, is launching a heritage limited edition bottle to commemorate the journey and the impact of the Bacardi Daiquirí on cocktail culture throughout the world.

Over the last 100 years, the Bacardi Daiquirí has travelled from its birthplace in Cuba to bars around the world where it’s enjoyed to this day.

The Limited Edition Heritage bottle celebrates this landmark, taking as its inspiration the original 100-year-old bottle used by the early cocktail pioneers.

Produced in the Destilería La Galarza in Mexico, only 7,500 cases of this heritage limited edition will be produced, making it a particularly rare collector’s item.

The rum inside each bottle even has the same alcohol strength as it did 100 years ago – 44.5%abv.

Maestro de Ron Bacardi, José Sánchez Gavito, has ensured that, like all Bacardi Superior Rum, this limited edition has the same flavour profile today as it did in 1862 when it was first blended by Don Facundo Bacardí Massó at a small distillery in Santiago de Cuba.

A Bacardi spokesperson said: “As we approach the 150th anniversary of Bacardi, this limited edition heritage bottle celebrates the Bacardi Daiquirí and the centenary of its first journey around the globe, a landmark for a truly classic cocktail and a landmark in the history of the world’s favorite rum.”

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Saturday, January 20, 4:47 pm

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