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Budweiser Name Battle Takes New Twist


Budvar UK chief Tony Jennings has labelled AB InBev “weasley” in the latest twist in the battle over the Budweiser name.

The long-running saga returned to the High Court this week after AB InBev pointed to a European directive claiming the Czech brewer’s trademark on the name was invalid.

Jennings said: “As far as AB InBev is concerned it shows that this new lot are just as weasley in the way they pick over any new law as their predecessors [Anheuser Busch] did.

“If they really are hell bent on cutting costs as they claim I am surprised they are happy to continue to throw money after what anybody else can see is a lost cause.”

AB InBev claimed that the directive says a trademark is invalid if it is the same as one registered previously. The Americans applied to register in 1979 – 10 years before the Czechs.

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Saturday, January 20, 6:59 pm

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