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California: Facilities Manager


Responsible for the effective management of Napa Corporate facilities and commercial safety programs & compliance. Ensure that the Napa Corporate facilities are efficiently and effectively maintained and operated, and that service level expectations are met, through effective cost containment, service quality, security, vendor oversight and, project, and change management. This position shall manage all facilities operations of the Napa Administrative offices through the coordination of daily operations of maintenance, security, service contractors and custodial services to ensure a safe and secure environment for employees and customers of Foster’s Wine Estates – Americas. The position also is responsible for managing the commercial safety programs ensuring compliance to the safety standards as established from the Corporate center.


1. Receptionist, Corporate
2. Courier, Corporate
3. On-Site Facilities Manager (outsourced to Pride)

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES & ACCOUNTABILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
•Manage ongoing day-to-day facilities activities to ensure that agreed-upon service levels are met by effectively managing the site’s service providers to deliver the 24/7/365 business needs and off-hour facility operation emergencies as required.
• Develop, implement, monitor, and effectively communicate facilities and safety policies as appropriate
• Manage, plan, communicate, and execute space needs and changes, liaising with the appropriate Fosters’ groups and outside vendors.
• Oversee the scheduling, maintenance, and monitoring of all heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water, plumbing, electric, and other systems to ensure efficient operations.
• Research, review, and recommend price quotes for the procurement of parts, service and labour and ensure that vendors meet Foster’s requirements.
• Manage and review vendor contracts and relationships. Present service/vendor recommendations to management, effectively communicating the business case and negotiating with key internal and external stakeholders based on a thorough understanding of vendor capabilities and industry options. Participate in vendor sourcing process, negotiate local vendor contracts, develop service transition plans, and manage the implication of operational changes. Maintain appropriate and consistent level of vendor oversight and management.

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