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California: Vineyard Manager


The Vineyard Manager is accountable for all aspects of running the vineyard as a business unit within the regional structure by ensuring that fruit is produced to specification and that key business objectives are achieved through the application of best practice in the areas of viticulture, commercial, human resources and HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) management.

Key Relationships (Who does the role interact with?)

  • Regional Directors
  • Director, Vineyard Operations
  • Technical Viticulture Team
  • Winemaking
  • Production
  • Finance
  • HSE
  • HR


  • Farm Labor Contractor Organizations
  • Regional Industry Organizations
  • Local Councils
  • Suppliers
  • Contractors

Key Decision Making in this Role: (What are the key decisions made in this role?)
• Implementing yield and grade targets to maximize profitability and sustainability.
• Establishing and maintaining employee performance through effective talent management.

  • Maintaining a focus to ensure the region establishes and maintains HSE targets.

• Allocating capital and operating funds to ensure the vineyard maximizes profitability.
• Setting the direction of the vineyard to align with broader regional and company goals.

Key Responsibilities/ Accountabilities:
1. Ensure fruit produced meets “end use” specification thus providing outstanding value to the customer.
2. Develop and manage capital and operating budgets that support the achievement of business objectives.
3. Optimize return on capital investment by maximizing utilisation of assets.
4. Participate in the business planning process for the region and lead the planning and implementation of strategies and objectives for the site.
5. Manage the implementation of all capital projects.
6. Minimize costs of production without compromising “end use” specification of fruit.
7. Foster innovation in work practices through the integration of viticultural best practice into the business.

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