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California: Viticulturist


Manage day to day operations in vineyards. Manage budgets for vineyards to ensure that actual come in below budget. Maximizing efficiency will be done in conjunction with viticulture practices which match the price point targeted along with sustainable property management. Develop farming strategies to ensure long term efficient farming of high quality grapes.

• Under general direction from the Vineyard Director, protect and develop all vineyard assets, including identifying, developing, and implementing effective programs to accomplish grape quality and quantity objectives.
• Responsible for identifying vineyard issues regarding grape quality and developing and implementing effective programs to accomplish grape quality and quantity objectives.
• Develop and recommend short and long term plans for vineyard operations, in conjunction with CWUS goals and all legal and regulatory requirements.
• Manage sub-contracted seasonal labor for hand work, equipment operations, pest control, and harvest.

  • Execute operations and Capital budgets.

• Assist in ensuring necessary capital improvements and operational needs are identified.
• Hire, develop, and supervise vineyard operations staff; direct vineyard activities through these positions, including establishing vineyard procedures and training staff in the implementation of new procedures.
• Ensure development and management of training and safety programs to enhance job performance and knowledge; ensure training is provided to subordinates in accordance with State and Federal safety regulations, emergency response, hazardous materials, and injury prevention. Prepare required chemical reports for the State of California.
• Assure that vineyard operations follow administrative and personnel policies and procedures.
• Ensure crop estimates are performed and achieve accuracy within 10% on a block by block basis.
• Responsible for organizing harvest in concert with the Vineyard Director and Winemaking teams as a means to achieve winemaking goals.
• Ensure maintenance of computerized databases and reporting systems for Vineyard Operations.

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