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Cobra, Grolsch and Stella Artois are CoolBrands

manreadingCobra, Grolsch and Stella Artois have all been recognised as three of this year’s CoolBrands.

The annual list, which is compiled by the Superbrands organisation, follows independent research administered by The Centre for Brand Analysis. It reflects the opinions of an Expert Council and over 2,400 members of the public.
The three beers were all judged on a range of criteria including style, innovation, originality and desirability.
Speaking about Cobra’s win, CoolBrands council chairman Stephen Cheliotis said, “Competition to be seen as one of the coolest brands in the UK is as fierce as ever and clearly Cobra is delivering in the eyes of experts and the public.”
Grolsch, meanwhile, is set to feature in a new £13m national marketing campaign this autumn to offer UK consumers an ‘amplified’ drinking experience.
“Grolsch has a history of nearly 400 years of free thinking and independence of spirit,” said international brand director Ronald van Amerongen. “Its inclusion in the list of CoolBrands goes to show that this still resonates today. I have no doubt that the generations of brewers who have stayed true to Grolsch’s distinctive taste and character would be delighted.”
Cheliotis also commented on Stella Artois.
“Stella Artois’s inclusion on the CoolBrands List 2009/10 shows that Stella Artois is a leading figure in its sector,” he said.

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Tuesday, January 23, 5:39 pm

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