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Hansen’s Introduces Blue Sky Free Zero-Calorie Soda


Hansen Beverage has launched Blue Sky Free soda, offered in five flavors that are reportedly calorie and caffeine free and do not contain artificial ingredients and preservatives.

Blue Sky Free is sweetened with Truvia, an all-natural sweetener that is extracted from the stevia plant. The soda comes in root beer, cola, ginger ale, lemon lime and cherry vanilla creme. Blue Sky Free will be made available through natural- and health-food chains and independent retailers. It will be priced similar to other natural, premium beverage products at around $4.99 per 6-pack.

Truvia natural sweetener is produced by drying stevia leaves and steeping them like tea, which is further purified and dried into crystals of 97% pure rebiana, or Reb-A. The natural ingredient, which is considered safe for people with diabetes, was just recognized in December by the US Food and Drug Administration as safe for use in foods and beverages.

Blue Sky Beverage Company, a division of Hansen Beverage Company, provides various beverages which including Blue Sky Natural Sodas, ‘Real Sugar’ Sodas, Organic Sodas and Blue Energy drinks

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Saturday, January 20, 12:58 am

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