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Hartwell Plans To Close Tornio Brewery


Hartwell has revealed plans to close its Tornio brewery and to consolidate production to its Lahti site, in a move the company said to improve efficiency and “remain competitive in the current challenging beverage market,” reported Just-Drinks.

The website quoted the company saying that, to better meet the present customer needs, a plan has been made to reorganise its sales operations. Furthermore, in order to meet the increased consumer demand for cans, Hartwell is to invest in a new canning line at the Lahti plant.

Jan-Kees Nieman, managing director of Hartwell, saying: “This has been a very difficult decision for Hartwell. The Tornio brewery has a long and proud history. However, retaining two breweries is cost and efficiency wise no longer an option and therefore, the planned loss of jobs is unfortunately unavoidable. We also need to restructure sales to better meet present customer needs. We will put great effort in helping to find alternative employment for all staff leaving the company. In addition, 20 new jobs that will be created at the Lahti site will firstly be offered to leaving staff.”

Reportedly, the company said that the new sales organisation will be in place by 1 January 2010 at the latest, and the Tornio brewery will be closed in September 2010. From then on, all Hartwell’s production will be concentrated in the Lahti site. The spring water bottling plant remains in Karijoki. The new canning line in the Lahti plant is expected to be operational in June 2010.

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Friday, December 15, 4:15 am

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