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Pennsylvania: Chief Microbiologist for Yeast & Fermentation


Boston Beer Corp. seeks Chief Microbiologist for Yeast & Fermentation; Job duties incl.: responsibility for design, oversight & integrity of all processes related to yeast & fermentation management at 4 major breweries based on traditional beer production methods in accordance with the German Beer Purity Laws.

Requirements (no substitutions):

Master’s in Microbiology, Brewing Technology or related field plus 5 yrs exper. in all areas of Brewing Microbiology & Yeast Management incl. management experience in Brewery quality control & Micro labs, incl. at least 3 yrs exper. in production of beers under German Beer Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot).

Skills Required:

Proficiency in gas chromatography, Coulter Counter, Direct Microscopic Observation, Staining techniques & sensory analysis. Must also be proficient in multiple methods for determining yeast cell viability, including methods based on metabolic activity, measurement of cellular components, and glycolytic flux rate or fermentative.

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Saturday, January 20, 7:04 pm

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