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UK: Commercial Finance Manager


The Commercial Finance Manager (CFM) will play a key role in providing insight, data analysis and investment decision tools to the GB Commercial teams to drive and support great decision making that ultimately maximise Net Sales Value and Profit.

Top Accountabilities

1. Drive Performance
· Drive understanding and focus on performance within the Customer Team, ensuring that at all times there is a single minded focus on what needs to be done to meet and go beyond delivery of annual targets. This would include orchestrating the strategic planning process and risks & opportunities process for the business units. Meeting regularly with those who have profit accountability, and ensuring that they have a clear understanding of what their P&L position is to date, why there are any variances to plan, and what can be done to get back to / further outperform plan.
· Taking a leadership role within the business unit alongside the Business Unit Director to drive the overall customer strategy within the team.
· Holding others to account to deliver their commitments.

2. Improving finance capability throughout Commercial Teams
· Development and presentation of financial tools, techniques and information that aid and improve the day to day decisions within the sales teams. Examples might include:-
· Improving Forecasting: advising on the impact of poor forecasts, giving tips and guidance, explaining how forecasting links in with Risks & Opps process.
· Providing the “What ifs” around data and information provided by the BPM Team
· Implications of new contract guidelines – structuring a timetable to to take advantage of opportunities and manage risk
· A desire to seek learning opportunities to enhance commercial understanding is essential in performance of the above objectives.

3. Data analysis and Reporting
· Getting under the skin of performance. Working alongside your CFM colleagues, and being the driving force behind ensuring focus on the key risks that require further investigation. Tasks required around this include: Variance Analysis vs. Plan and Prior Year, Investment Efficiency Analysis and Trend Analysis – Brands, Categories, Customers
· Use of insightful analysis to identify business opportunities for the business unit. Presentation of these to the team and subsequently motivating the team around delivering against these

4. Projects
· New projects will materialise from time to time from outputs of R&Os, Execs or Team Meetings which CFMs will be asked to lead or participate in. Examples include the ANSP Programme, a key project currently underway which has been looking at ways in which to improve the NSV margins made across the 5 GB Channels. Another example of this is the work currently underway to simplify and achieve greater consistency between contractual agreements we have in place with certain large customers.
· Customer negotiations

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