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Busta Rhymes to endorse Dr.Peppers Venom Energy Drinks – Wicked!

bustarhymesandvenomWould you like Venom with that Sir?

Rapper Busta Rhymes has announced his endorsement of a delicious-sounding energy drink called Venom Energy.

Venom Energy Drinks is produced and distributed by Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, and is currently distributed nationwide. The drink was first launched in 2002, then repackaged in 2008 in its signature thick aluminum bottle. Venom boasts NFL Star (and habitual tear-spiller) Terrell Owens as its spokesman, and several other pro athletes as brand ambassadors, including Kenyon Martin, Lance Berkman, Maxime Talbot and more.

Busta appears to be the first artist involved with the drink, but pairing his hyper-kinetic microphone savagery with an energy product seems to be a good look.

The excitable rapper is also hard at work on his new album, ‘The Chemo,’ which he claims will save the dying music industry. “I called the album ‘The Chemo’ because it seems like the industry and music overall is dying slowly. The cancer that’s stricken the business is killing the music, not only from a business standpoint, but also the value of the content and the creativity behind it. I just want to start the first stage of chemotherapy treatment that needs to take place and hopefully inspire others to do their part and contribute to different stages of the cure,” Busta explained.

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Sunday, December 17, 5:38 pm

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