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Carlsberg to scrap brands from portfolio in Germany


Carlsberg , the world’s fourth-biggest brewer, said it would scrap four brands in Germany and focus on the north of the country, where the market is less crowded.

The Danish company will scrap Feldschloesschen, Grenzquell, Lüneburger and Moravia out of its 27 brands in Germany, spokesman Jens Bekke said on Friday.

“In Germany, like in the rest of Europe, the beer market is steadily declining,” Bekke said. “We do this in reaction to that falling trend and to make our business more efficient.”

Bekke said Carlsberg would concentrate on five bigger brands in Germany — Astra, Carlsberg, Duckstein, Holsten and Lübzer — in the north. “The northern German market is what will be the main focus in future,” he said.

Carlsberg, which has 500 brands in 150 markets around the world, generates roughly half of group sales and earnings in the mature western European market.

This month, it reported third-quarter group earnings that beat forecasts on the back of efficiency improvements but sales disappointed as demand dropped in its key Russian market.

The company said it expected shrinking markets amid the global economic downturn to be just as challenging next year, but it still saw Russia as a future growth market.

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Sunday, December 17, 5:33 pm

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