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Coca-Cola Plans To Double Bottling Plants In China


Coca-Cola has plans to create more bottling plants in China over the next ten years in an attempt to increase sales across the country’s middle-class threefold.

Doug Jackson, president of Coca-Cola’s China business unit, said the company also had plans to distribute more Coke-branded refrigerators to Chinese bars, restaurants and supermarkets by 2020, the Financial Times reported.

Currently there is an average of seven coolers per 10,000 and the company hopes to increase this to around 40 by 2020, according to the newspaper

Coca-Cola hopes that the expansion in China will help it to achieve its aim of doubling revenues.

The newspaper reported that executives at Coca-Cola are expecting China, India and other emerging markets to produce a growth of 60 per cent.

Coca-Cola recently held an analyst and investor event in Atlanta where it outlined its “roadmap” for achieving its 2020 vision, which is based on six core ideals, including becoming the “global leader in sustainable water use”.

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Sunday, December 17, 4:14 am

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