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Florida: Operations Manager


Manage accurate inventory levels by forecasting demand, evaluating potential shortages and determining the most cost-effective method for ensuring timely delivery of all product needs.

  • Track sales, promotional, and seasonal trends to properly maintain inventory levels of all SKUs, while ensuring product freshness. If an overage does occur, communicate with other warehouses to evaluate options and execute transfer of inventory, as appropriate, prior to expiration on either floor or market.
  • Manage and ensure proper warehouse rotation of product to execute FEFO (First-Expired, First Out) policy while meeting Account Manager and customer needs.
  • Input product orders into Routescape and resolve variances reported by this software to ensure accurate inventory reporting.
  • Conduct daily inventory of all product and check accuracy of count by utilizing Routescape. Rectify variances at time of discovery, pending final approval by Regional Operations Manager (ROM.)

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Monday, January 22, 12:15 am

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