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French group Belvedere To Resume Investments In Ukraine


French Alcohol Group Belvedere is planning to resume sales of its well-known Sobieski vodka brand in Ukraine and to increase investments into the market, which were suspended due to litigations.

According to the Ukrainian branch of the company, Belvedere has settled all the disputes with its creditors and ready to resume investments in the Ukrainian market.

As the general director of Belvedere Ukraine Vladimir Pritouliak has told, the Ukrainian branch of the company has suffered more than its other units due to absence of investment for almost a year”, – he said.
“Belvedere Ukraine” had to stop advertising of its brands and to reduce production from 89,000 cases in 2008 (one case – 9 liters), to only 57,000 cases since the beginning of the current year.

According to Mr. Pritouliak the company will resume sales of its Sobieski vodka in the country and by 2010 Ukraine will present the entire range of Belvedere drinks in Ukraine.

He also added that the level of investments in the Ukrainian market will be significantly increased, with the total marketing budget of more than $10 millions per year.

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Saturday, November 25, 2:06 am

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