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Hennessy Unveils New Irish Creative


Hennessy has unveiled a new Irish advertising creative, conceived by Irish photographer Anton Conrad.

The new campaign uses Conrad’s medium of light to capture the warmth, depth and fluidity of Hennessy Cognac, creating harmony between liquid and light. Conrad’s unique way of using light in his photography blends a number of light sources to produce spectacular images. This method works in complete harmony with the Hennessy brand in which a number of eaux-de-vie are blended together to create the cognac itself.

“We felt that Anton’s creative use of light would allow us to heighten the visual representation of the warmth and depth of Hennessy Cognac,” commented Caroline Sleiman, Market Development Manager at Hennessy distributors Edward Dillon & Co Ltd, “The resulting images capture a unique blend of his art and our cognac with each light trail reflecting one of the many eaux-de-vie it takes to create each bottle of Hennessy VS”. As an intrinsically Irish brand, Hennessy enjoys unparalleled loyalty among consumers in Ireland. “Our hope for this campaign, taking Hennessy into a new decade, is that it will resonate with Hennessy lovers and prompt others to engage with the brand.”

Anton Conrad commented, “I can’t help but notice the parallels between the production of Hennessy itself and my own much more modest affair, I even find myself echoing the nomenclature. The subtle creation of individual strands blended to create a greater whole, sweet symmetry”.

The new ad campaign appears in Irish media this month and in December (see next month for more on the new Hennessy campaign)

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Monday, December 11, 7:27 am

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