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Jacobs Creek Watershed Has An Executive Director


For the first time in its 11-year history, the Jacobs Creek Watershed Association has an executive director.

Patty Miller of Bullskin Township, a former employee for the Department of Environmental Protection, has been chosen by the board. The association seeks funding for remediation projects to make streams and other waterways in the watershed free from pollutants.

Mike Barrick, president of the association, said it recently joined the Mountain Watershed Association to apply for a grant through the Mellon Foundation to pay for Miller’s salary for two years.

“Our two organizations were working with the Fayette County Conservation District to foster partnerships and the sharing of our resources through a grant the (district) received in prior years,” he said.

That grant paid for the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management to meet with local watershed leaders and foster partnerships and sharing of resources.

Barrick said the watershed association went through different exercises to see if there was a need for a full-time director. In the end, the answer was yes.

“Especially in the areas that we (the board) could not get to, such as public outreach, board development and organizational management,” he said.

Miller was chosen from 23 applicants.

“She is very well-qualified for the position and she understands and supports the purpose of the JCWA,” Barrick said. “She was and is very excited to help our organization attain its goals with outreach and organizational development, and she is also the type of person we can trust and count on to help our organization grow.”

Miller said she has settled in and is ready to get started.

“I want to make the community aware of what we’re doing, revive membership and re-create the Web site,” she said. “I also want to do some new activities in the community to get people involved and interested.”

Miller has talked with the Boy Scouts and is trying to get other youth groups involved.

“We have plans for her to develop not only the Web site for the association, but also a newsletter for outreach where we will partner with Mountain Watershed Association and share articles in each other’s newsletters,” Barrick said.

The association’s office is on the second floor of the Scottdale Borough Building.

“They give us the office space at no charge, and they’ve been very supportive of the work we’ve done,” Miller said.

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Tuesday, January 23, 3:55 pm

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