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Jinro Brings New Soju Brand To China


Jinro, a liquor maker based in South Korea, has said that its is going to sell a new soju brand in China starting next month. The company said that soju is a diluted Vodka-like liquor with 35% alcohol content.

The company said that it has come out with a new type of soju with an alcohol content of 20%, over the past two and half years that is produced by blending spirits with water and bamboo flavorings.

Yoon Jong-woong, CEO of Jinro, said: “Jinro plans to leap ahead by aggressively exploring the Chinese market.”

The new soju, named Jinro, will help the company increase its brand awareness around the world, according to Mr Jong-woong.

The company said that it hopes to sell around 2.4 million bottles in the year of introduction. According to the company, the liquor market in China is appraised at $4.16m.

Jinro’s beverage line includes: Chamisul Fresh, made from three year old bamboos and claimed to be milder version of Chamisul soju with 19.8% alcohol content; Chamjinisulro Soju, filtered four times with charcoals with 20.1% alcohol content; and Maehwasoo, a refined plum wine made from green plum extract with 14.1% alcohol content.

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Sunday, December 17, 5:37 pm

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