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Mercury Winery Ramps Up International Expansion


Mercury Winery, a wine maker located in Maharastra, India, has entered into the Italian market in pursuit of its plan of expanding sales and distribution of its wines, FoodBizDaily reported. The company unveiled two varieties Shiraz and Sauvignon, which will be available at the Indian restaurants in Italy.

In addition, the company has rolled out wine assortment in China and is reportedly the first Indian wine maker to do so. The company is planning to launch its products in the US within November 2009 and later in Canada. The company, as a part of its plans to expand domestically, is also going to launch its selection of wines in Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu within November 2009.

FoodBizDaily quoted Mr Viral Pancholia, director of Mercury Winery as saying: “Sparkling wine is a seasonal product and is targeted at events, celebrations and weddings segment. However, during the last six months, as the basic wines were not selling in the market, we did not want to flood the market with a new varietal.”

He said that the company is looking to build its presence in the production of full bodied and mature wines and therefore was aging the wines with oak chips. The company is on its way to adding Cabernet Shiraz to its selection within 2009. It is planning to expand its domestic distribution network and enter new markets in North India.

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Saturday, January 20, 6:48 pm

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