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Pepsi Bottling Group Gives $25k To Veteran Support Foundation


The Pepsi Bottling Group has donated $25,000 (£14,868) to Fisher House Foundation, an organisation that builds housing for military families at all major US military hospitals.

It is the third year that the company has made the donation and, this year, it will be honouring more than 3,000 Pepsi Bottling Group (BPG) employees that have served in the American army.

Paula Davis, PBG’s vice president of corporate communications, said: “Supporting military families is a cause that many people throughout PBG are passionate about, so we regularly seek opportunities to honour the service of the men and women who defend our country.”

She said the company was “proud” to continue its relationship with the Fisher House Foundation, which serves more than 10,000 families each year.

David A Coker, president of Fisher House Foundation, said PBG has been a “terrific” partner over the past few years and that the company’s funding had “greatly enhanced” the foundation’s ability to meet the needs of military families all across the country.

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Saturday, January 20, 6:52 pm

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