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Samuel Adams Rolls Out New Collection Of Barrel-Aged Beers


The Boston Beer has unveiled the limited release of a new series of beers, the Samuel Adams Barrel Room Collection. The release incorporates three oak-aged beers brewed and aged at the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery.

Samuel Adams New World Tripel (~10% ABV), American Kriek (~7% ABV) and Stony Brook Red (~9% ABV) are some of the Samuel Adams Barrel Room Collection. The trio of brews have been aged in Eastern European oak barrels, originally used to age brandy in Italy.

Jim Koch, founder and brewer of the company, said: “For years, we’ve been playing with barrels at the brewery, aging small batches of beer in our Barrel Room. Before now, these beers have only been available at beer festivals or to a few lucky visitors to our Boston Brewery. Our Boston Brewery is where every Samuel Adams style of beer is dreamed up and nurtured. It has been our hub of innovation since I started brewing here in 1988; I like to think of it as the ultimate brewer’s workshop.”

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Monday, January 22, 11:36 pm

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