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Tanqueray reveals new bottle design


Diageo Global Travel & Middle East (GTME) has launched the newly redesigned Tanqueray London Dry gin bottle – a key aspect of a global creative campaign supporting the Tanqueray brand.

The campaign, named ‘Resist Simple’, encourages consumers to resist the mundane and reach instead for richer, more fulfilling choices in life – including the drinks they choose. It is particularly targeted at the 30+ age profile seeking a more sophisticated drink experience.

Charles Tanqueray first distilled Tanqueray Gin in 1830, in London, and the new expression of Tanqueray “resonates strongly with his life and the brand’s rich history”, Diageo said.

The design of the new bottle was inspired by guidance found in a letter from the London design agency Sedley Place, written in 1948, with a suggestion that “an attractive bottle might be made following the design of the cocktail shaker”. A simpler adaptation of the design was subsequently used at the time, but the new adaptation maintains Tanqueray’s recognisable curved shoulder lines while adding a distinctly 21st century edge, Diageo added.

The new, taller and more tapered design evolves the bottle from its simpler ‘fire hydrant’ shape to a more elegant, strong-shouldered design that more overtly evokes the silhouette of the 1948 cocktail shaker suggestion. It also displays further cues from the brand’s heritage, such as the company‘s signature, Charles Tanqueray & Co, on the label and the Tanqueray family crest embossed on the glass.

The Tanqueray ‘T-seal’ has also been enhanced to bear a greater resemblance to an actual wax seal. Further, the bottle’s labels have been transformed to give a more contemporary look, including a satin finish silver print.

Diageo GTME Marketing Manager (White Spirits, Liqueurs and Rums) Caroline Lyons said: “Tanqueray has a wonderful heritage behind it and the new design of the bottle is a major chapter in a remarkable brand story that has now endured across three centuries.

“The new bottle does greater justice to a complex, fascinating and award-winning gin and imbues the brand with added sophistication and standout. The updated design is elegant and stylish and it is wonderful to see the design vision from 1948 echoed over 60 years later in a more contemporary presentation of the brand.

“However, our focus on Tanqueray is about much more than the bottle’s design. The new look also reflects a new attitude and a stronger voice that we believe can excite the shopper and drive new interest in the gin category.

“Travel retail is one of the top three global markets for Tanqueray and we are confident that this enhancement of the Tanqueray brand and the supporting campaign will help strongly in driving its presence in the market.”

About Tanqueray

Tanqueray has been made with the same recipe for over 200 years and owes its flavour to a complex combination of the world’s finest botanicals, fruits and spices. The botanicals are matured for up to 18 months, closely monitored by a master distiller, in order to bring out their rich aromatic oils.

Tanqueray is quadruple distilled, removing impurities to produce a smooth tasting gin, and is said to be the only gin to be produced using a ‘one shot’ distillation method. Although a laborious and expensive method for blending neutral spirit and botanicals, the process is said to ensure that the true flavours of the botanicals are released in their purest form.

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Tuesday, January 23, 12:01 am

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