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Texas: Waste Water Operator


Responsible for running the plant#s wastewater system operation through
monitoring, sampling and controlling discharge water to insure
compliance with federal, state and local standards.


Monitor and adjust as needed the entire wastewater operation as to
ensure that all components are operating within allowable specifications, ultimately ensuring that the final discharge is within compliance of federal, state and local standards.

Take samples of composite discharge and submit for analysis; daily
checks and calibration of pH and flow meters as required. Maintain water discharge log book records.

Communicate with local wastewater agencies concerning discharge

Conduct laboratory analysis and interpret results related to WWT

Update excel spreadsheets of water and wastewater metrics
Record utility meter readings

Monitor storm water basins and outside storage areas

Order chemicals and supplies for wastewater system.

Conduct periodic audits of the production areas to determine chemical
or water usage

Resolve minor equipment technical issues

Perform preventative maintenance duties

Troubleshoot and correct problems during equipment operation.

Generate work orders

Able to identify deficiencies within area of responsibility and
implement or recommend appropriate corrective actions.

Maintain proper safety conditions of equipment including immediately
correcting or reporting safety issues to your supervisor.

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