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Tilaknagar Industries Opens New Distillation Plant In Shrirampur – India


Tilaknagar Industries (TI), a manufacturer of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL), has opened a new multi-pressure distillation plant that can produce 50000 liters of extra neutral alcohol (ENA) per day. This 50 KLPD distillation plant to produce extra neutral alcohol. The company had invested INR750m for setting up this new plant in Shrirampur, Ahmednagar and for up-gradation of the existing plants.

The company said that the plant is controlled by PLC (Process Logic Control) based technology. It claimed that a variety of ENA will be produced which will be utilized for the brands of TI across the country and for export requirements.

The company further claimed that this distillation plant is an environment friendly plant, employs modern technology which utilizes lower quantities of steam, water, electricity and generates low quantity of effluent against industry standards. Effluent is further concentrated in an evaporator, then mixed with Agri-waste, dried in a dryer and then combusted in a boiler making the process completely zero discharge, hence being environmentally friendly.

Amit Dahanukar, CMD, Tilaknagar Industries, said: “the commissioning of the new Plant reiterates TI’S commitment to further strengthen its position in the Indian market. Showing our dedication towards the environment we can proudly say that our plant makes use of world’s best technology which indeed results in Zero discharge pollution levels.

“This plant will also benefit the community at large in and around Shrirampur as this would create more jobs, more trading hubs and be also a driver for the engineering industry at Shrirampur.”

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Sunday, January 21, 12:53 am

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