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USA: Demand Planner


The role of a Demand Planner is to manage the operational forecasting process. The Demand Planner will create and manage the Manugistics statistical shipment forecast. They will also incorporate various forecast adjustments, which come from reconciliation with external sources such as Sales Clusters, etc.Decision Making. The Demand Planner will need to decide how order history is used to produce the best possible statistical forecast.

The Demand Planner will need to challenge Sales Cluster forecasts, by identifying variances between them and other diagnostic indicators based upon historical performance and/or expected future activities.

The Demand Planner will need to resolve situations using analytical tools to determine where orders have exceeded the forecast.

The management of finished goods forecasts has a direct link to the required product safety stock requirements. Safety stock is required to hit agreed upon customer service objectives given a finite (i.e., non-zero) level of forecast error. For Diageo NA businesses safety stock typically represent between 50% and 65% of the finished goods inventory total. The annual cost to carry this inventory can range between 7% and 12% of their valuation. Management Responsibility (List functional, project, operational or market responsibilities; include the number and bands of employees supervised, including those supervised through subordinates.) List role that incumbent will report to. Reports to a Manager of Demand Planning. Pro-actively works with the Supply Planning team to support their ownership of the forecast and to identify and resolve exceptional changes in the forecast. Participates in monthly forecast consensus meetings and ensures that all agreements from these meetings are incorporated in the final or net Manugistics forecast. Manage non-statistical forecasts in Manugistics for holiday programs and innovation items based on input from clusters, VAP team or Commercial Innovation.

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