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USA: Manager Materials


Provide production Schedule to Bottling Operating Department that is achievable for Operations, Maintenance, Warehousing and Material Planning.

Develop a Bottling Schedule that fulfills the planned order requirements of Norwalk Supply

Planning that can be achieved at the plant. Must take into consideration bulk constraints, dry material availability, Maintenance and Operations Resource availability and Finished Goods space limitations. This role immediately impact plant financials by production efficiencies, productive reliability and meeting schedule requirements.
Complexity of Role

This position interacts with all plant functions, corporate groups such as Procurement, New Product Innovation and material Planning. This role must have an understanding of how the business is run, regarding plant objectives, purchasing objectives, vendor/plant/corporate/roles/ responsibilities as well as how systems interact in terms of inventories. Requires an understanding of inventory data collection, maintenance and analysis. This role must understand all facets of supply chain; including production planning, Material planning, receiving, warehousing and shipping and financial reporting.

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Tuesday, January 23, 8:06 pm

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