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BrewDog To Open Pub Chain


Scottish brewery BrewDog is planning to open a chain of pubs by the end of 2010.

The brewery’s owners said that they want to build on the “rapid growth” that the Aberdeen-based brewery has been experiencing.

In October 2009, BrewDog announced that it had bought a bar called the Marischal in Aberdeen.

“This is going to be home of the very first BrewDog brew-pub. Blending punk-rock, utilitarianism and philosophy, the BrewDog Bar will be exciting imaginations from February 2010,” the owners said in their blog.

The pub will only serve beers that are produced by BrewDog and speciality beers are to be brewed on-site.

In November the brewery announced that it had created the world’s strongest beer. Named Tactical Nuclear Penguin, bottles of the 32 per cent ABV went on sale for £30 each.

The beer started life as a ten per cent stout, but was then aged for 16 months and transferred into storage at -20 degrees C for three weeks.

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Tuesday, January 23, 8:06 pm

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