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Coca-Cola And Pepsi Accused of Promoting Products in Mexican Schools


The Coca-Cola Company and Pepsi Incorporated have been accused of attempting to increase their presence in Mexican schools to make up for the revenue lost after being ordered to withdraw from schools in America.

In 2006, new School Beverage Guidelines were announced in the United States. These stated that high calorie soft drinks should be removed from educational establishments.

Speaking to the Latin American Herald Tribune, Alejandro Calvillo, president of a Mexican consumer protection organisation called EPC, said: “By contrast, in Mexico soft drink companies have developed strategies to position themselves more solidly inside schools with programs like Coca-Cola’s WellBeing Movement and PepsiCo’s Live Healthy.”

Coca-Cola Company’s WellBeing Movement was launched in 2006. The company said the movement’s aims were to educate and inform its customers about the ingredients that are in its products and to promote its brands – particularly its carbonated beverages.

Mr Calvillo told the newspaper that the company is using a “double standard” with Mexican kids, removing drinks from US schools but promoting them in Mexico.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2:52 pm

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