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Could the Crowd in The Cloud buy a Brewery?

Envisioning a better world built on crowdsourcing principles, the Hollywood based Forza Migliozzi and the Big Apple’s own The Ad Store, have joined forces, in effect, crowdsourcing themselves, to change the world of manufacturing and marketing by crowdsourcing to purchase an American icon. No, not the Brooklyn Bridge, but the Pabst Brewing Company. And you too can be a part of this momentous event.

The Pabst Brewing Company, brewing over 30 different well-known brands, from Schlitz Malt Liquor to Blatz to everyone’s favorite, Pabst Blue Ribbon, known affectionately as PBR has been listed for sale for anyone who can come up with $300 million dollars.

As the principles of crowdsourcing suggest this “offer of a lifetime” is open to anyone, anywhere that has $5.00 USD. For the cost of a single bottle of beer, you will have crowdsourced ownership in Pabst Brewing Company. All you have to do is visit, pledge $5.00 and once the purchase amount is met, you will receive a letter of congratulations and your very own, and a first, a crowdsourced certificate of ownership suitable for framing, as well as, enough beer matching your ownership.

Visit the official website and pledge your choice today. Crowdsource membership pledge levels start at Bottle membership ($5.00), Six Pack Membership ($25.00), Case membership ($100.00) or the Brewmeister level of $250,000.00.

An exciting real-time Countdown-O-Meter on will display the balance needed to reach the $300 million goal as pledges come in and are verified.

Michael Migliozzi, managing partner of Forza Migliozzi and Brian Flatow, President of The Ad Store released a joint statement on this new and unique business model, “If two heads are better than one, then a crowd can get it done! We’d like to get the best possible results from culling a huge group of investors, technically anyone who’d like to be involved. Rather than spending days and weeks finding the right buyer we thought this new approach would be more viable. Crowdsourcing, a better way.”

About Forza Migliozzi
Forza Migliozzi is based in Hollywood, CA and is an advertising and brand content agency dedicated to defying conventional methods to create, discover and implement new approaches to reaching the consumer for a range of clients.

About The Ad Store
The Ad Store is based in New York City and has nine affiliate offices worldwide. Its clients include Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches, EL AL Israel Airlines, Absorbine Jr. and CharcoCaps.

Disclaimer: Forza Migliozzi, The Ad Store, and, are in no way affiliated with, or endorsed by Pabst Brewing Company, it’s representatives or affiliates. This is not a solicitation for monetary funds.

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Sunday, December 17, 4:17 am

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