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FDA criticizes Nestle For Labels on kid’s Drinks


the FDA said the company mislabeled its Boost drink, which comes in flavors including chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, “as a medical food for the medical condition of ‘failure to thrive’ and also for ‘pre/post surgery, injury or trauma, chronic illnesses.’ ” According to federal guidelines, the letter explains, “Medical foods must be for the dietary management of a specific disorder, disease, or condition for which there are distinctive nutritional requirements and must be intended to be used under medical supervision.”

A second letter dated Dec. 4 criticizes Nestle’s Juicy Juice line for, among other things, claiming the drink “helps support brain development” in children younger than 2. Also, the letter said the labels “may lead consumers to believe that the products are 100 percent orange/tangerine juice or 100 percent grape juice when, in fact, they are not.”

A Nestle representative told Reuters that the company would cooperate fully with the FDA.

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Friday, November 24, 2:42 pm

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