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Goelet Wine Estates Announces Restructuring of Global Management & Operations


The Goelet family today announced the restructuring of Goelet Wine Estates (GWE). The move will coordinate all production, sales, distribution, marketing and financial operations under a single entity governed by a central Board of Directors, to whom Adam Torpy will report as CEO.

The GWE international portfolio of wineries owned and operated by the Goelet family includes: Clos Du Val (Napa Valley); Taltarni Vineyards (Victoria, Australia); Clover Hill (Australia); and Domaine de Nizas (Languedoc, France).

According to Torpy, “The new structure of Goelet Wine Estates will allow each winery to retain its own distinct identity and control over day-to-day operations while fully benefiting from the extensive expertise and resources of our international team in winemaking, viticulture, distribution management and marketing support. GWE’s first priority has always been to make excellent ultra-premium wines; our new structure will allow us to take our quality to an even higher level.”

Adam Torpy will lead the Operating Committee of Goelet Wine Estates comprising the following senior executives:

  --  Chief Financial Officer : Brendan Donahue
  --  Production, Chief Operating Officer for Clos du Val: John Clews
  --  VP of Sales - Americas: John Moreau
  --  Production, Chief Operating Officer for Taltarni: Loic Le Calvez
  --  VP of Sales - Australia and Asia: Richard Kingman
  --  Production, Chief Operating Officer for Domaine de Nizas: Arnaud

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Saturday, January 20, 12:48 am

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