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Grape Juice ‘Reverses Memory Loss’


Producers of purple grape juice may experience a surge is sales over the coming weeks as a study has revealed that the beverage can reduce or even reverse memory loss.

Scientists from the University of Cincinnati’s psychiatry department gave 12 people with early memory loss pure grape juice from the Concord region of New Hampshire, America, for 12 weeks.

The participants were then split into two groups – one which drank the grape juice and one which did not.

Regular memory tests showed that, as the trial went on, there was an improvement in the memory of the group that drank the juice.

Dr Robert Krikorian, of the university, said: “While there were no significant differences between the groups at baseline, following the treatment, those drinking Concord grape juice demonstrated a significant improvement in list learning.

“Trends suggested improved short-term memory retention and spatial, non-verbal memory,” he added.

According to Welch’s Grape Juice, which uses Concord grapes in its beverages, there is 50 per cent more antioxidant ‘power’ in grape juice than in the leading pomegranate juice drink.

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Saturday, January 20, 6:41 pm

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