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Krones Reveals Compact Brewhouse


German-based Krones Group has developed a compact brewhouse for specialty breweries.

The firm, which plans, develops and manufactures machines for a range of processes, revealed the Steinecker CombiCube B brewhouse, which is capable of an annual production output of up to 150,000 hl.

Its compact-sized frame-based construction features standardised vessels for the mashing, lautering and wort-boiling processes.

The compact brewhouse is aimed at small and mid-tier breweries looking to modernise their equipment and larger companies that want to produce speciality beers in a separate process.

It can make up to six brews a day and the vessels, featuring technological developments used on other Steinecker products, can be utilised as either a mash kettle, a mash/wort copper, a lauter tun, or a mash/lauter tun, complemented by the whirlpool.

“The high quality of the beers and a manageable investment budget are ideally combined in Steinecker’s compact brewhouse concept,” the firm stated.

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Sunday, January 21, 11:53 pm

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