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Radegast Can Use The Name Czech Beer


The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority (CAFIA) confirmed that the Radegast brand can use the registered geographical name Czech beer. The CAFIA awarded the certification based on an audit and a series of checks, which took place directly in the Radegast brewery. This document proves that the most popular beer in Moravia represents the high-quality Czech beer industry.

The term “Czech beer” is officially protected as a geographical name, which is registered by the European Commission, based on the demands of the Czech union of breweries and malt plants. “Registration of the name by the European Commission is, without a doubt, a big international success for the Czech beer industry, and it will help with the preservation of the Czech beer phenomenon in its traditional conception. That is why we asked a certification body to confirm the right to use it,” says Ivo Kaňák, manager of the Radegast brewery.

Plzeňský Prazdroj, whose portfolio includes Radegast, asked the CAFIA for a so-called conformity of specifications. Based on this demand, the CAFIA verified beer samples and whether they are in accordance with the defined analytical parameters of Czech beer. To ensure that production is in accordance with the defined production process, it conducted an audit in the Radegast brewery. “The name Czech beer is the basis of the Czech beer industry.  But we take it a little further and our criteria are even stricter,” adds I. Kaňák

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Friday, November 24, 4:52 pm

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