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United Beverage – United Liquor (RMDM) “Youth” Artesian Water Launch


RMD Entertainment Group's
subsidiary United Beverage Alliance, a wholly
owned subsidiary of United Liquor, has approved the "Youth" label and plans to
immediately start selling a premium bottled water product in the Florida
market, with a high marketing concentration in the Tampa Bay area. United
Beverage Alliance will utilize the website to be the
primary contact for the product. UBA has signed with Funhunt Enterprises to
help market the product in the Tampa Bay Area.

"We are very excited about the launching of our bottled water. There are very
few artesian water bottlers, which many consider to be the best quality of
water in the world, let alone the United States. We want to utilize the
artesian water right here in the United States, where we won't incur the high
cost of transportation and also help lower the carbon footprint associated
with the large scale transportation of artesian water." We also want to
earmark some of our profits to give back to local causes. The United States is
one of the world's largest consumers of bottled water, and now there is a
local source to deliver the best quality of water that gives back to the local

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Friday, December 15, 4:28 am

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