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United Liquor Enters US Non – Alcoholic Drinks Market


RMD Entertainment’s subsidiary United Liquor Alliance has announced the formation of ‘United Beverage Alliance’, a wholly owned subsidiary that will focus on sales and marketing of non-alcoholic beverages produced by the United Liquor Alliance.

ULA’s president, Shane Cooper, said: “The liquor licensing process will take a few months before we’re able to go into a full-speed liquor production. During this time, we plan to use our distributing contacts to market other products. The bottled water is only a subset of what we want to do, but it allows us to start generating revenue immediately and avenue into our liquor production plan. I anticipate the signing of our bottled water agreement shortly and the product should hit the market soon.”

The bottled water that ULA plans to market across the US comes from an artesian spring. The water quality of the artesian water is similar to trademarks such as Fiji bottled water, which is popular with the American public, and the company expects to capitalise on the growing popularity of the bottled water.

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Saturday, January 20, 1:05 am

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