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Vilas Del Turbón Comes to North America


Vilas North America, LLC is launching Vilas del Turbón in North America.  For years, the overseas market has known and embraced this spring water, which comes directly from the Pyrenean Mountains in the Huesca region of Spain, and now North America residents will soon learn what makes Vilas stand out above other premier bottled waters. Found only at the finest restaurants, hotels and clubs, Vilas prides itself on its reputation as “the perfect water with the perfect wine.”
According to the company, its the water’s natural flavor combined with its light mineral points that makes it an excellent combination with the best wines. The water’s chemical composition has not changed in more than 77 years. It has a low sodium count of 0.6 and a PH level of 7.96. This year, the International Taste & Quality Institute in Brussels, a leading independent chef and sommelier based organization, recognized Vilas with its highest taste award. It gave Vilas an “exceptional” rating in the superior taste category.

In addition to its flavor, Vilas also is recognized by its packaging, a glass bottle with a slightly blueish tint that is available in 75 cl and 33 cl.

The history of Vilas begins in the Pyrenean region in 1908. Don Manuel Camo, a local pharmacist, became increasingly aware of the fame of the springs in the area and applied for a declaration of their public utility. In 1931 the spring water, located at the foot of Monte Turbon, was first collected hygienically and shortly afterwards, the bottling facility was built.

Vilas North America, LLC is a privately owned company, and consists of a team that has more than 30 years of experience in the manufacturing, marketing, beverage and bottled water industries. Vilas North America’s corporate headquarters is located in Acworth, Ga.

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Friday, November 24, 2:41 pm

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