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Warsteiner Launches New Product Design


Warsteiner, the core brand of the Warsteiner Group, launched its new product designs last month, available on the complete Warsteiner product line including bottle labels, cans and packaging materials.

This significant modernization of the product designs is the next step in a new umbrella brand concept of the Warsteiner Group, launched at the end of 2008. Now, the German brewery looks even further ahead with these new product designs, which are an integral component to Warsteiner’s marketing approach.
The new product design strategy is designed to set itself apart from competitors, the brewery says, emphasizing the commitment to creativity and uniqueness that Warsteiner has represented for nine generations.

Over the years, Warsteiner has remained dedicated to aesthetics, paying attention to design and working with well-known artists including Luigi Colani and Bjorn Wiinbladt. In the 1960s, Hermann Hoffmann, one of the most popular German designers of the time, crafted the now well-recognized Warsteiner tulip glass that would eventually be eternalized in one of Andy Warhol’s famous acrylic-digital prints.

“This love for design and attention to detail has once again been applied to this update of the Warsteiner portfolio,” the brewery says.

In retooling the look and feel of its products, every design feature was considered and modernized. The golden color of the label is now the visual focus of the bottle, achieved through its gradient of gold into a white background. Supplementary, a complex printing process, also generates a gloss designed to direct the eye to the brand name in the center.

Likewise, the long-established Warsteiner text style has been updated and the new design of the crown and “Eine Königin unter den Bieren” is more refined. In addition, the neck label interlinking the famous brand elements of the round logo and seal band have been placed in a new arrangement. This redesigned logo is also the clear focal point of the fresh new look of the Warsteiner 6-pack and 12-pack carriers.

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Saturday, January 20, 9:08 am

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