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Last Drinks Called For Russian Black Market Vodka


MOSCOW. Russia has imposed a new minimum legal price for vodka in a bid to hinder the sale of cut-price black market moonshine blamed for the deaths of thousands of Russians every year.

A new law came into force on New year’s Day stipulating that the minimum price of a half-litre bottle of vodka is 89 roubles ($A3.25). The measure is aimed at preventing the sale of black market vodka, which is often made from dubious ingredients but sold at rock-bottom prices.

Officials hope the move will protect both the health of Russians and also legal vodka producers, who in common with almost every industry in the country have been hit by the economic crisis. According to the Interfax news agency, sales of black market vodka account for one-half of all sales of the drink in Russia. Alcohol abuse kills about 500,000 Russians annually.

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Monday, January 22, 5:56 pm

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