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Sabeco predict rising consumer demand for Beer in Vietnam


Sai Gon Alcohol Beer and Beverage Corporation (Sabeco), leading brewer in Vietnam, expects an increase in domestic demand for beer in this year, it is reported on Wednesday. Sabeco anticipates Vietnamese brewers to produce about 2.7 bln litres of beer in 2010 to meet rising demands of local consumers. Sabeco, which owns approximately 35% nationalwide market share, further projects that consumption of beer in Vietnam would have a growth rate of about 15% this year and in the next few years.

 However, the brewer also warned that the next three years might become difficult for Vietnamese brewers as special consumption tax on beers, excluding draught beer, would decline from 75% to 45%, while tax on draught beer would rise from currently 40% to 45%. This might enable foreign beer producers to enlarge their market share in Vietnam with high-quality beer products, Sabeco thinks.

Currently local beer producers still concentrate mainly on the draught beer market.

The domestic beer market has an annual growth rate of between 9% and 11% The country has more than 300 beer and alcohol production facilities, with key producers including Sabeco and Viet Nam Brewery Limited Co. Sabeco has targeted to produce 1 billion litres of beer in 2010, compared with last year’s 907 million litres.

Source: Global Malt

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Friday, November 24, 2:35 pm

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