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Whisky Roofs Collapse Under Weight of Snow


Two Chivas Regal sites in Speyside have been damaged after roofs collapsed on its warehouses under the weight of heavy snow.

The buildings that are used for holding stocks of whisky have been shut-down because of structural damage that has occurred as a result.

The first incident at the Pernod Ricard owned company occurred on January 5, there were further incidents on January 6 and 7 at its two sites in Mulben and Keith.

De-icing is currently being carried out via-helicopters to prevent further damage.

There have been no injuries or spirit losses.

The buildings will remain closed until a full assessment has been carried out to gauge the exact number of warehouses that have been affected.A Chivas Regal spokesman said: “We are experiencing issues with some of our warehouse roofs under the weight of snow and ice.  There have been no injuries and no spirit loss has been detected.  As a precaution Chivas Brothers’ two major maturation sites in Mulben and Keith have been closed.”

“We have begun de-icing activity via a helicopter on remaining warehouses and other buildings.”

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Saturday, November 25, 2:06 am

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